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MEDTra Program

Aside from our expertise in providing the latest treatment options, this program is specially designed for patients of the International community. As foreigners visiting the Philippines, our program provides for multi-lingual interpreters and guides who are readily available at all times to help in overcoming the barriers of language and culture while attending medical treatment. Our wide range of services for the patient and their family members are intended to ensure a pleasant and comfortable experience throughout their stay.

Included in the program are:

  • Travel arrangements (Reservation and confirmation of air tickets)
  • Translators
  • Airport pick-up and transfer upon arrival in the Philippines
  • Advance schedule of Initial medical appointment
  • Proper coordination of all follow-up appointments
  • Transportation to and from the medical facility is provided and will be accompanied by our staff daily to the hospital
  • Arranged accommodation for patients and their companion
  • Locker Facility for all Valuables
  • A cell phone will be provided for your use while in Philippines to enable you to be constantly in contact with our staff. Although local and international calls can be made through our mobile phone on a limited basis, you may request for additional airtime for which we may separately charge to your account.
  • Important phone numbers are in your provided cell phone's address book
  • Bill clarification and medication pick-up
  • Acceptance of International Credit Cards/Foreign Currency
  • Meals/laundry for the attendant will be provided
  • When the patient is in CCU we will organize stay for the attendant in a guest house/hotel/apartelle close to the hospital.
  • Airport pick-up and drop. In-house travel related services, one-day local site seeing for attendant by car, interpreted when required, embassies contact when required, and local transport.

Our healthcare services are at par with international standards and at times even better. Alegre Medical Clinic ( AMC ) is connected with major hospitals who are considered one of the world's best medical and diagnostic centers. Our team of doctors are internationally-trained medical professionals. The hospitals under our accreditation have fully computerized systems, state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, all of which have contributed to the uniqueness of this medical center. At AMC, we can arrange to our accredited hospitals advanced medical and cardiac therapeutic services like non-invasive coronary angiogram, conventional angiogram, balloon angioplasty, stent implantation on out-patient basis. As a separate package, we offer to assist you in day tours, schedule shopping excursions, trips to tourist spots in Metro Manila, nearby beaches, all around your medical appointment schedule.

The Philippine’s strategic location at the crossroads of Asia and its proximity to the region’s developing economies has presented the country with a unique opportunity to serve as a regional centre for healthcare, medical care and a destination haven for travelers. It has 7,107 islands that can cater to anyone’s travel adventure, be it on land, sea, or even the sky making the country a quality destination that can deliver superior medical and health-related services and one of a kind travel experience.

The Philippines has been known for its amiable and hospitable residents. It has been a custom to show superior service and gracious hospitality to anyone visiting the country. Timeless culture and values are very much alive in places where it is least expected – in hospitals and clinics around the country. Patients are welcomed as ‘guests’ and made to feel at home in unfamiliar surroundings. That’s why there is now the possibility to have a vacation and at the same time avail of the different medical services that the country has to offer.

AMC Medtra Program is a service that offers you a large selection of best equipped and professional clinics and hospitals. This is where you can expect high-performance in medical treatments and compassionate patient care. We, at AMC, provide foreigners visiting the Philippines the opportunity to undergo medical procedures and a chance to experience the rich and diverse Filipino Culture. We know that patients require the highest level of service from our professional team and clinical partners and we are here to ensure that you obtain that. We guarantee that you will receive “CARE WITHOUT COMPROMISE”.

Seafarer's Program

(Seafarer's Repatriation and Medical Program)

For those in the Shipping / Crew Manning Industry, we specialize in handling medical repatriation assistance and medical management of the seafarer in his home country (Philippines).

Our service includes:

  • Medical escort service from the foreign country to seafarer’s home country
  • Airfare and Hotel booking assistance in case of a foreign medical escort
  • Airport assistance at seafarer’s home country
  • Ambulance or utility vehicle depending on the patient’s requirements
  • Apartelle and Lodging facility (including meals) for the seafarer (if attending out-patient medical treatment)
  • Medical treatment at St. Luke’s Medical Center or company’s choice of hospital
  • Coordination with the ship-owners P & I Club in the Philippines

Being in the business of managing seafarer’s medical treatment for almost twenty (20) years, our company is a choice of major manning agencies in the Philippines to render this type of service for their seafarers whose foreign principal and ship-owner are based in Norway, Sweden, Europe, Middle East countries, as well as in various Asian countries.

Our expertise also involves, coordination with major local P & I Club’s regarding the seafarer’s medical care and management. Since our company is connected with major hospitals in the Philippines, particularly St. Luke’s Medical Center, we boast of being able to make use of the latest and most modern diagnostic, laboratory and treatment facilities in the Philippines.

Our team of highly trained doctors specializing in all fields of medical science are readily available to evaluate and manage the seafarer’s illness.